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Answers to Common Questions about WEN 56235i 2350-Watt Inverter Generator 

by Jasmine

Not everyone is an expert in operating generators. For individuals who may be their first time purchasing WEN 56235i 2350-Watt inverter generator, there is a need to Learn more about the generator, how it operates, the proper way of maintaining it, and also its key benefits. In trying to many frequently asked WEN 56235i questions. to understand this WEN generator, people have come up with

WEN 56235i 2350-Watt Inverter Generator FAQs

Both WEN 56235i users and people looking forward to purchasing this generator have inquiries about different aspects of the generator. Questions always need responses; therefore, here are detailed answers to frequently asked WEN 56235i questions.

1. What sort of oil is ideal for the WEN 2350-Watt generator?

The answer to this question is straightforward. If you have a WEN 56235i generator, the best oil is the SAE30 synthetic oil. WEN provides a user manual stating that one needs 5W-30 synthetic oil that complies with CARB regulations. The user can always refer to the manual if they forget details about the oil to use. The WEN 2350-Watt generator needs not more than 15 oozes of oil, so the user will not need too much oil.

2. How does one break in a WEN 56235i generator?

After buying a WEN inverter generator, it is advisable to break in before using it for various purposes. Breaking in an inverter generator ensures that it operates smoothly and will have a long lifespan. Breaking in means allowing the generator to run for different cycles while changing the oil after a particular time. To break in a WEN 56235i generator, fill up the synthetic oil and leave it inactive for 60 minutes and then change the oil and leave it dormant for another 60 minutes. After that, change the oil and run the generator with average fuel for 60 minutes.

3. How does one drain fuel from the WEN 56235i?

WEN 56235i requires fuel draining after running it for some time. Depending on how much one uses the generator, draining fuel occurs after a couple of days, weeks, or even months. Draining the fuel ensures that the carburetor does not clog. To drain the fuel, leave the inverter running and turn off the position of the fuel power switch. That allows the generator to consume the fuel that’s already remaining. Wait until the generator shuts down automatically, and then open the gas cap. Pour the gas in the fuel tank into a container. Then loosen the carburetor screw to drain the residue fuel in the carburetor. With that, you will have completely exhausted the gas. Also, drain the gas when you need to store the generator for a long time without using it.

4. Can I run WEN 56235i without load?

It is not recommendable to run the WEN 56235i inverter generator without load. However, this is acceptable when running short diagnostics that should take only a few minutes. The ideal minimum load that the generator should run with is 30%.

5. What are WEN 56235i maintenance measures?

Maintaining WEN 2350-Watt generator is the most straightforward task in the operation of generators. A user guide always shows all the maintenance practices ideal for the WEN 2350-Watt generator. The primary maintenance practices include checking the engine, fuel, air filter, spark arrestors, and spark plug. Also, draining gas and carburetor and replacing the engine if necessary is a maintenance measure.


Answers to frequently asked WEN 56235i questions will help the users understand the generator more and, in some cases, encourage them to buy it. WEN always provides a manual containing everything a user needs to know about the inverter generator. With the correct information, running and using the generator is an easy task.

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