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Edible Gold Leaf: What It Is and How Its Used

by Jasmine

Unless you’ve heard or seen an edible gold leaf, the term sounds as funny and strange as it can ever be. But yes, edible gold leaf is just as it sounds. The gold leaf is made from gold and is used to decorate food or coat objects. It’s no wonder it is considered expensive since it’s actually gold.

However, they are made thinly and in small sizes to make them affordable. So, they are fairly affordable to buy and use unless you’re looking to cover a large food surface or item.

Is edible gold safe to eat?

Yes, it is. Edible gold is safe to ingest into the human body. However, the edible gold leaf must be at least 21 carats. Ideally, edible gold should be 24 carats, but for cheaper alternatives, it should not be lower than 21K. This is because any edible gold that is rated below 21K has been mixed with other metals. This can be harmful and dangerous to the human body.

When ingested, edible gold will not get absorbed into the body. Instead, it’ll move through the body and get passed out. Just ensure the gold leaf is properly labeled as edible before consuming them. This is because there are other gold leaf products out there that are not edible.

What does edible gold leaf taste like?

A common misconception is that the edible gold leaf would have a metallic taste since gold is a metal. On the contrary, gold is naturally tasteless. It has no taste. Therefore edible gold leaf has no taste when eaten. However, it does have a crunchy feel to it. So when eating an edible gold leaf, savor the crunchy feeling while at it because that’s all you’ll probably get.

What are the different types of edible gold leaves?

Regarding the application of gold leaf, there are two main types of edible gold leaf. These are transferred gold leaf and loose gold leaf. As the name suggests, transfer gold leaf is used as a form of coating other surfaces. It gets stuck to the backing paper and falls off and sticks to the surface it is applied to.

On the other hand, the loose gold leaf is placed between two sheets. This makes it free for use when both sheets are removed. Yet, it’s not as easy as just explained. First, you must ensure your hands are steady and gentle when working with loose gold leaves. Preferably, turn off all fans or wind sources to avoid it moving out of place and wrinkling.

Does edible gold leaf expire?

Not at all! Gold naturally has an infinite lifespan, and the same applies to edible gold leaves. As long as they are properly stored, you need not worry about losing the leaf’s worth.


For some people, edible gold leaf is taking the luxury lifestyle to the extreme. Why would anyone want to eat gold? Well, for the same reason anyone wants to do anything when they have the money to fund the lifestyle. For what it’s worth, edible gold leaf is safe to eat and coat items. If given the opportunity, would you eat edible gold leaf?

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