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What is Virgen de Guadalupe Statue?

by Jasmine

In Roman Catholicism, Our Lady of Guadalupe, commonly known as the Virgin of Guadalupe, refers to the Virgin Mary as she appeared to St. Juan Diego in a vision in 1531. Her Spanish name is Nuestra Seora de Guadalupe. The Marian apparition itself is also mentioned in the name. One of the most well-known religious devotions in Mexico is to Our Lady of Guadalupe, who occupies a distinctive place in Mexican religious life. Her image has become a crucial part of Mexico’s national symbolism.

In this article, we will explain who the goddess of faith is. You must read the article to gather information about Virgin de Guadalupe and virgen de guadalupe statue.

Why do the Catholic and Mexican Worship, Virgin de Guadalupe?

This article is going to tell the details of the Virgin de Guadalupe.

  • Virgin de lady of Guadalupe signified much love and support as she symbolized pop culture in fashion. Her most remarkable thing is her image, the most valued religion in western society. Because of her pop culture reference, she has become the symbol of Mexican identity.
  • She raises to the time when the mother of Jesus and an essential Saint in the catholic meet with a person Juan Diego. One morning, a lady comes to J.Diego and asks him to collect flowers. It was not the season of flowers. Juan Diego did as the lady instructed and found an array of Castilian roses. The lady organized these roses in shape of cloak. When they gave this time to the bishop, the flowers tumbled, and the men discovered an image of the Virgin marrying. Since then, the image has been known as our lady of Guadalupe.
  • She was a symbol of women’s authorization and faith. God chooses her. As it is the rule of nature, those who reject by the world are accepted by nature.
  • Now a day, the Guadalupe statue seems as a where a lady meets with Juan Diego. Due to some reasons, a lady has become the symbol of religion and more.
  • She is a Mexican mother and is all about motherhood. Our lady of Guadalupe has a particular love for Mexicans. She carried her image with other fighters into battle during the Mexican revolution. So she is very respectful to all the Mexicans and American Mexicans.
  • In the venerating image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, there is a young woman with beautiful features, long and dark-haired, in the center of the painting, which is the Our Lady of Guadalupe. The centered image portrait is supported by natural fiber, containing two pieces (initially three). The picture can be seen from top to bottom, with the Virgin’s face and hands. The head of the angel passes through the Virgin’s Wrist at the left piece.


This article is about the Virgin de Guadalupe. She was a woman who fought for women’s empowerment and was a religious figure due to her miracle. She holds a special place in Mexican and American Mexican culture and spiritual life. If you are a Catholic and worship the virgin de Guadalupe, you can buy the statue online.

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